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Graduation Requirements & Proficiency Seals

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for a diploma a student must:


1. Complete all district and State of California required course work through classroom attendance and accrual of credits (Including Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1). 

2. Earn a minimum of 230 credits in the appropriate courses. 

3. Pass the Patterson Required Exit Program (PREP).


PHS Graduation Requirements

PREP Project

Patterson Required Exit Program (PREP)

As part of the graduation requirements, students will need to complete the PREP project. Students will be completing a variety of career related assignments that can be completed online, a mentor interview and a PREP presentation in the Spring Semester. 

For your PREP, you will be interviewing someone that has a career or has had experience & is knowledgeable about a career that you have interest in. You can connect with someone over the phone, through email, video conferencing, etc. There will be guided interview questions that you will need to ask.
PREP Project Instructional Website

State Seal of Biliteracy