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Dual Enrollment

Patterson High has partnered with Modesto Junior College to offer college classes to students. Dual enrollment means that students are enrolled in high school and college at the SAME time and have the opportunity to earn college credits TUITION FREE. 

Please understand that students must:

  • Be at least 13 years old
  • Not register for more than 11 units per semester
  • Purchase the required books and other course materials  (if not taking a Patterson High CCAP course)
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA

These courses will not be listed on your high school transcript and do not count towards high school graduation requirements.

Courses taken WILL appear on the students COLLEGE transcript and you will have to report them to every college you apply to for the rest of your educational career! For this reason, it is VERY important that you take the classes seriously and obtain passing grades since these grades will follow you!

The College & Career Counselor can help you through the steps of enrolling but after that, communication will be between you and the professor/college campus.

For more information, see Mrs. Thomas in the library.

Dual Enrollment

Steps to Enroll....

1. Complete the online application here and be sure to indicate the correct term you want to take a course for. Please note, you must be at least 13 years old in order to be eligible and you must have a social security number in order to apply. If you don't have one, please call MJC Enrollment Services at 209-575-6853 to get a student ID number so that you can submit your application. Students that have previously completed an application for a prior term will skip to step 2.

  • Make sure to list your Educational Goal as "Undecided" 

  • List your major  Category as " Dual Enrollment"

  • List your Intended Major Program of Study as "MJC 9th-12th Concurrent Enrollment" (Unless you are a graduating senior, then you will choose a different option).

  • Within a few days of applying, you will be sent an email to your personal email address with your "W number," this is your student ID number for MJC.

  • Activate your Student Email and create a password. 

  • Log in to your Pirates Net account and your MJC student email. From now on, you will likely only be sent emails to your MJC student email.

2. Complete the Special Part-Time Petition for Advanced Admission packet and have your parent sign it.  Email this form to Mrs. Thomas  

You only need to complete this step once per Academic year beginning with the Summer Term.

3. Give some time for your form to be processed, then log in to your Pirates Net account and register for your course.

Check your MJC "Pirates" email for updates and registration invitations.

You can also find  the above-mentioned information on the MJC Dual Enrollment Website

Watch the video and follow the steps below!

Review the Step-by-step guide on completing and submitting the MJC application.

How to set up my MJC Email

Schedule an appointment with Mrs. Thomas if you have questions

How to Register for an MJC Course

  1. Review  MJC Class Schedule (Make a note of the name and section # of your course)

  2. Go to  

  3. In the upper right-hand corner, select Pirates Net

  4. Log in

  5. Select Current/Former Students

  6. Click on Register & Drop Classes

  7. Add Term

  8. Search for your class. 

  9. Add course/section to plan (Be sure to have to correct section number)

  10. Select "Back to register and drop classes"

  11. Click Register