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California State University

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General CSU Information

The California State University System (CSU) is a four-year public university system in California. There are 23 campuses overall. View the below map to see all the locations. Each campus is different, and not every campus is right for every student! It is important to research and if possible, visit campuses in order to ensure a good fit!

You should also pay attention to which campuses are impacted when deciding where to apply. If a campus is impacted, that means that they have more applicants that meet minimum requirements than open spaces at their school. This mean they are more selective about who they choose to admit! In some cases, due to impaction, only students from their local area are admitted, since students are given priority to the campus they live closest to. Therefore, it is important that you apply to non impacted campuses as well.

Although some schools may not be impacted overall, some MAJORS might be. For example, Nursing and Biology are impacted at nearly all campuses. To check which campuses and majors at each campus are impacted, see below:

Impacted vs. Non Impacted Campuses