AP & Honors

What is AP?

The Advanced Placement (AP) program at Patterson High School provides qualified students with the opportunity to
pursue college-level courses while in high school. The AP program is a national cooperative educational endeavor of
the College Board. The program is based on the belief that high school students can successfully complete college-
level studies and receive college credits and/or advance placement for them. Patterson High School offers a
comprehensive AP program. AP courses receive an honors designation and an extra grade point weighting in the
calculation of student grade point averages and are identified by having an AP or H adjacent to the course title.

How does AP benefit colleges and universities?

AP students arrive with the study and analytical skill required for success in college.
What procedures ensure that AP grading standards are equivalent to those of major colleges?
AP examinations are prepared and graded by college faculty, including some of the country’s finest. Approximately
half of each examination is a free-response essay or complex problem. Curriculum surveys are conducted every four
years to guide faculty in the development of AP course content. The American Council on Education (ACE) has
accredited the AP Program and recommends that colleges and universities award credit for AP Examination of
grades 3 or above.

How do I take an AP course?

1. Sign up for the course
2. Teacher Recommendation in the same content/subject area is required for consideration.
3. Parent/Student Signature on course ballot.
4. If a student is planning on taken 3 or more AP courses student must fill out this form: Request for 3 or More AP Classes
5. Attend Parent/Student AP/Honors Meeting in the Spring
6. Students who sign up for AP/Honors course will not be switched out and it will be year long commitment.
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